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15-10-2014 07:18
It was raining today.
There is no meaning to my post.
03-10-2013 14:18
lucille ciani
i am a collector of laces and was very happy information on honiton lace. i am form massachsetts with an italian heritage. thank you
20-09-2013 17:07
Adrienne Landa-Font
We made a detour on route home from Plymouth for a second visit to Honiton. As previously, the visit to the museum was delightful, helpful, and mesmerising. My grandfather's family the Golesworthy's came from Honiton so it was good to be able to chat to people who could give me advice on their lives. Since I have begun to learn to make lace, I was delighted to be able to add to my collection of bobbins which have the museum name on them. Looking forward to visiting again when I can. Many thanks for the big welcome.
05-11-2012 08:02
Karen Welles
I had a chance to visit a few years back, and hope once again to visit you and your beautiful corner of the world!

I am a member of the Five Rivers Bobbin Lace Makers in Western Pennsylvania in the USA.

16-09-2012 07:57
Sue Easton
Thank you so much ladies for showing me round your lovely museum. Everyone was so friendly and as others have said, enthusiastic. I would have loved to have stayed longer. The lace was absolutely beautiful.

It was wonderful to see lace which had been made by my husbands ancestors, the Uprights.

Thank you again.